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Incubus Hunter: A Ghost Hunting Game Review

If you are looking for a thrilling and realistic ghost hunting game, you might want to check out Incubus Hunter, a game that lets you experience a real haunted house with real gadgets and real ghosts. Incubus Hunter is a game developed by Darkling Room, a studio known for creating horror and paranormal games such as The Lost Crown and The Last Crown series. In this game, you play as a rookie ghost hunter who is sent to investigate a house on Dread Pit Road, a place that has been reported to be haunted by various types of ghosts, including the notorious Incubus, a malevolent spirit that feeds on sexual energy.

Gameplay and Features

Incubus Hunter is a first-person exploration game that uses full 360-degree movement and VR support. You can explore the house and its surroundings, interact with objects, and use various ghost hunting gadgets to detect and identify the paranormal phenomena. You can also communicate with the ghosts using voice recognition or text input, and try to find out their stories and motives. The game features 16 different types of ghosts, each with their own manifestation, behavior, and personality. Some of them are friendly, some are hostile, and some are just plain creepy. The game also has a complete story with a satisfying conclusion, as well as puzzles and challenges to test your skills and knowledge.


Graphics and Sound

The game boasts impressive graphics and sound design that create an immersive and atmospheric experience. The house is modeled after a real location that has been investigated by the developers several times, and the graphics are realistic and detailed. The sound effects and soundtrack are also recorded on location, and they add to the sense of realism and tension. The game also features voice acting for the main characters and some of the ghosts, which adds to the character development and emotional impact.

Availability and Price

Incubus Hunter is available on Steam for Windows PC. The game is currently in early access, which means that it is still in development and may have bugs or incomplete features. However, the developers are constantly updating the game with new content and improvements, and they welcome feedback from the players. The game is priced at $14.99 USD, but you can get it for 40% off until September 10th, 2023. If you are interested in downloading the full game, you can visit the Steam page or watch the trailer for more information.


Incubus Hunter is a game that offers a unique and realistic ghost hunting experience that will appeal to fans of horror and paranormal genres. The game has a lot of features and content that make it worth playing, such as the different types of ghosts, the real gadgets, the voice recognition, the VR support, the puzzles, the story, and more. The game is also based on a real haunted house that has been investigated by the developers themselves, which adds to the authenticity and credibility of the game. If you are looking for a game that will scare you, challenge you, and entertain you, you should definitely give Incubus Hunter a try.

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