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Law Dictionary Free Download Full Version For Pc

Law Dictionary Free Download Full Version for PC

If you are looking for a comprehensive and reliable law dictionary that you can access on your PC, you might be interested in some of the options that are available online. A law dictionary is a useful resource for anyone who needs to understand the meaning and usage of legal terms, whether they are students, professionals, or just curious. In this article, we will review some of the best law dictionaries that you can download for free and use on your PC.

Download File:

Black's Law Dictionary

Black's Law Dictionary is one of the most authoritative and widely used law dictionaries in the world. It has been the gold standard for the language of law for more than a century, and it contains more than 50,000 terms, including more than 7,500 terms new to the tenth edition. It also features expanded bibliographic coverage, definitions of more than 1,000 law-related abbreviations and acronyms, and reviewed and edited Latin maxims.

You can download Black's Law Dictionary for free from the Internet Archive, where you can also find previous editions and other related books. The file format is PDF, which you can open with any PDF reader on your PC. You can also browse the dictionary online or search for specific terms using the Internet Archive's website.


Wex is a free legal dictionary and encyclopedia sponsored and hosted by the Legal Information Institute at the Cornell Law School. Wex entries are collaboratively created and edited by legal experts, and they cover a wide range of topics, from constitutional law to contracts to criminal law.

You can access Wex online from any browser on your PC, or you can download it as an ePub file from the Legal Information Institute's website. You can also search the entire Wex library by one or more keywords, browse all Wex legal definitions and entries alphabetically, or edit Wex entries if you have legal expertise.

Dictionary - FREE!

Dictionary - FREE! is a versatile app that you can get from the Microsoft Store. It allows you to search multiple English dictionaries, including an offline dictionary, all from the most trusted sources, plus specialty dictionaries, such as Medical, Legal, Financial, Acronyms, and Idioms. It also includes multiple encyclopedias and even Wikipedia.

You can download Dictionary - FREE! from the Microsoft Store and install it on your PC. You can then use it to look up any word or phrase in any of the available dictionaries or encyclopedias. You can also customize your settings, such as choosing your preferred sources, languages, fonts, and themes.


A law dictionary is a handy tool for anyone who wants to learn more about the legal system and its terminology. In this article, we have reviewed some of the best law dictionaries that you can download for free and use on your PC. Whether you prefer a classic reference like Black's Law Dictionary, a collaborative project like Wex, or a multifunctional app like Dictionary - FREE!, you can find a law dictionary that suits your needs and preferences.

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