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Ft Imran
Jul 28, 2022
In Welcome to the Forum
Perhaps because of the self-discipline of going out, people continue to share milk and dairy recipes with each other on the Internet. And on Twitter, Nara's ancient dairy product "Su (そ・音SO)" (something similar to cheese) started a big fight with ancient family traditions. "Su" is considered to be a Japanese confectionery that originated in Nara and has been handed down since the Asuka period. Originally, "su" was a food used by nobles as medicine, but later it was eaten as a snack. Since the real recipe has been completely lost, the related documents of. Su" were first published by the National telemarketing list Institute of Cultural Properties of Nara at the Asuka Archives in 1987, and dairy farmers in Nara Prefecture started to manufacture and sell them based on this information. However, although the practice of "su" is not officially documented, it is a family ancestral dish of many Nara people. At the same time as the milk cooking trend set off by the epidemic, many people in Nara disclosed the ancestral practice of their own "su" on Twitter (it is said that it was initiated by Miyotaro). "Su" comes in a variety of flavors, including "Su honey" mixed with honey, and "Sao Shisu" suitable for snacks. The production of. Su" is very time-consuming, so it has never been a well-known home cooking. However, due to the epidemic, many people work remotely and stay at home all day long. It also provides a way for everyone to make "Su" at home. "status. In short, there has been a wave of cooking trends of "#Su" and "#苏チャレンジ" on Twitter. While the news of the direct dumping of excess raw milk has been reported in Europe and the United States, Japan, whether it is the government, the public, or companies, is working hard to cooperate to protect its dairy farming industry. Although there are really too many milk in supermarkets recently, I still hope that such delicious milk (selfishly) can continue to last.
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Ft Imran

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